The municipal administration of Ramillies

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

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is a French-speaking municipality in Belgium, located in the province of Walloon Brabant. At the end of 2021, it launched a brand-new visual identity to match its fresh and innovative approach.

An identity that would catch the eye of citizens looking for a rural, but dynamic, place to live and satisfy the expectations of companies in search of a location where they could build their business.

A logo that sets the standard for an entire region

From the Tumulus of Hottomont
(a listed historical site) to an
organisation located right at
the heart of Wallonia

Ramillies’ history goes back a long way: mentions of its name can be found in accounts of a famous battle during the wars of succession in Spain in 1706.

Of course, Ramillies has come a long way since then and its location at the heart of Belgium gives it advantages that it wanted to highlight to individuals and companies looking to relocate.

To emphasise these assets, Ramillies had to revamp its image. That’s where Visible comes in…

Turning a blank page into an asset

… and opening new avenues

The instruction we received was clear: wipe the slate clean and create an identity from scratch.

This brief worked; it inspired our graphic designers to come up with no less than ten different proposals.

The municipal council made the final decision. Once the choice had been made, all that remained to be done was to put it into action.

Variations on the same theme

The first step was to create the logo for Ramillies, yet all of the different parts of the municipality’s brand needed to align with this.

To make sure this was the case, we structured the process and made that identity central to everything.

A style guide for every little detail

It’s all in the guide

We understand that creating a unified brand image means that graphics must be consistent.

In order to ensure that they are understood and, most importantly, followed, we have produced a detailed brand bible. Everything has been considered and created, from the letterhead to company cars.

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Today, Ramillies stands out, thanks to its fresh, eye-catching image.
Why don’t you take advantage of our expertise and give your brand the makeover it deserves?