Zetes Industries (a member of the Panasonic Group) works with new technologies aimed at identifying goods and authenticating people. End-to-end traceability. Identifying needs andproviding relevant solutions Zetes is famous for its barcode, RFID, voice recognition and traceability solutions, among others, which are very highly regarded in the industry. It is also known for its ‘people […]

Autonomous Port of Liège

The Autonomous Port of Liège is the largest river port in Belgium and the third largest in Europe. A citizen port open to the world and a leading economic hub for the region The opening of the Trilogiport With the opening of the Trilogiport, a 100-hectare multi-modal platform, the Autonomous Port of Liège is showing […]


Neomansio is a public service that carries out major projects, both in terms of supporting citizens and helping the region to flourish. Neomansio: publicfuneral homes.A modern flair.A human touch. The Neomansio name hasbecome a brand In 2013, Visible helped the Liège-Robermont funeral home to reinvent itself as Neomansio. Though locals in Liège still know it […]