The baroness who set out to conquer the supermarket shelves

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Milioni had been producing white-label pudding sausage for mass distribution, wholesalers and butchers for 45 years. Now, though, they have conquered supermarket shelves with their branding.

Belgian pudding sausage: authentic, artisanal and made by Milioni.

Take advantage
of established know-how

Our once-anonymous artisanal producer of pudding from the bottle. Nearly 1,400 tons of their pudding is sold each year via distributors, wholesalers and leading butcher shops.

In 2018, they had a light bulb moment: become independent and develop their own brand.

Step one: make the production unit a brand in its own right – Milioni.

Step two: develop two brands of products, with each aimed at groups of consumers that have been identified in the past.

Use common French
and Belgian references

Creating a brand from scratch, with nothing but a blank page, is the best thing ever.

We researched historical references, our imaginations and food imagery to find names that conveyed craftsmanship, authenticity and local production.

The result?

  • Madame La Baronne, a premium organic brand inspired by Baroness Staffe, one of the first people to promote the recipe for pudding sausage.
  • Les Boudins de Marcel, a superior gourmet product.

Milioni + Madame la Baronne + Les Boudins de Marcel​

Naming, a graphic identity, websites, packaging, POS advertising: Visible oversaw the entire strategy and media, in order to launch these two new brands.

Madame La Baronne

We took inspiration from a baroness who popularised the recipe for pudding sausage.Mrs Staffe was the author of a few bestsellers, including ‘Usages du monde : règles du savoir-vivre dans la société moderne’ and ‘La maitresse de maison’

In her day, white pudding sausage was a more sophisticated way to present traditional porridge.

With this brand, pudding sausage retains its aristocratic spirit, but is also 100% organic and artisanal.

Les boudins de Marcel

This brand was created especially for the French market. It is based around the culture of terroir and is an informal, local brand.

The use of a first name, the calligraphy of the logo, the butcher icon, the date of creation, the old-fashioned visuals: everything is designed to evoke a traditional feel.

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These pudding sausage brands are a hit. Yet, they were created from nothing but a blank page.
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