John Cockerill

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In 2019, CMI became John Cockerill. This represented a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rebrand this company, which employs over 5,500 workers around the world today.

A clear overview of technology – today and tomorrow

The annual report:
a glimpse into the future

John Cockerill has a vision of the world and for the world.
This company looks at the challenges the world is facing and uses them to inspire technological progress.

Their proactive and dynamic response can be seen in their painstakingly prepared annual report. Our first duty is to collaborate with the board and produce this vital document.

By digging into the inner workings of John Cockerill, we have formed a close bond with them.

Today, Visible is proud to produce most of the group’s graphics.

A vision for the world
and for society.

Producing graphics

Brochures, technical sheets, posters, ads, invitations, etc.

Any kind of format, any kind of content, in any language.

Some graphics are directly linked to the rebranding process. Others still are a reflection of the company’s products, services and values.

While their new brand identity was created by a firm in Norway, Visible has very quickly taken the reins, thanks to our proximity and flexibility.

The John Cockerill brand can be seen on a wide range of items, vehicles, uniforms and signs.

Eleven languages

John Cockerill communicates in 11 languages, including the major European languages, Russian, Arabic and Mandarin.

Key documents are translated into the languages and alphabets of these regions around the world.

Themed annual reports

The publication of John Cockerill’s activity reports and financial reports is an important moment for the group.

These establish the guidelines and visuals for the upcoming year.

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Your activity report can also represent much more than just numbers and charts.