Zero waste in the record book

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Zero Waste is an essential step, but it is also a technical and creative challenge.
Through this campaign, Intradel aims to raise awareness among kids in an entertaining way that shows them what they can do.

Zero mess.
Zero waste.
Only a good time.

What would happen if
we reduced kitchen waste?

Intradel launched an extensive ‘Objective: Zero Waste’ programme many years ago.

This inter-municipal organisation highlights the importance of small actions with a startling degree of realism.

Does Zero Waste create a perfect world? Who knows? But that shouldn’t stop us from striving for one.

As part of the European Week for Waste Reduction, Intradel wanted to address children in the 70 member municipalities.

Being a green gourmet

The theme of waste is not an easy one to deal with at first glance. However, it can be a source of effortless happiness.

There are thousands of ways to reduce how much waste is in the bin in your kitchen; for example, you just have to be a bit of a gourmet.

All it takes is practice! (Or a taste test, perhaps?)

Biscuits, cookies, cakes – we have developed 12 ways to reduce waste and indulge your sweet tooth. Satisfaction guaranteed by two celebrity chefs.

Going to schools,
going online and connecting the two

The 12 recipes developed by Julien Lapraille and Jean-Philippe Darcis make for ideal school snacks.

Of course, they have been tested and approved, but they have also been photographed, filmed and written about.

As a result, the kids received an illustrated notebook with links to the videos from the two chefs.

A notebook with tips and tricks

Creating content has never been so much fun: recipes (the chefs take care of those), photos, copy, illustrations and graphics.

There’s plenty to learn in this brochure. Plus, you can try the zero-waste treats for yourself too! Try zero-waste snacks

Twelve recipes, filmed

Julien Lapraille and Jean-Philippe Darcis are obviously stars in the kitchen, but they’re also stars in front of the camera.

Their recipes are easy to understand and recreate and they offer explanations, when necessary, anecdotes, humour and their own experiences.

Children can recreate these recipes with their parents and learn about baking and how to make less of a mess in the kitchen.

The release of these videos was planned in a way that would hold the children’s attention for a full year.

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