Languages and cultures: the gateway to new opportunities

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CERAN is based in Belgium and France and offers language seminars and intercultural training sessions for adults, young adults and kids. Since 2011, Visible has been managing various visual and digital communication needs for this client, which is always looking outwards to the world around it. If mastering a language breaks cultural barriers, creativity opens the door to new worlds…

Beyond borders.

Full immersion

Each language has a music of its own: specific intonations, rhythms and sounds. CERAN’s language trainers offer a one-of-a-kind approach.

And providing an exceptional service requires perfect communication.

Printed materials

Leaflets, brochures, roll-ups, flyers, wall posters, educational card games, graphics for the Dynamics 365 Extranet, email signatures, commercial stationery, ads, emails and more – Visible develops an extensive range of printed materials for CERAN and ensures incredible quality (choice of paper, matte or ‘soft touch’ lamination, etc.).

Materials are chosen based on the target audience and the intended use.


From the simplest choice to the most complex

CERAN puts on a great spread for its clients. Everything is an opportunity to share and discuss, from the Welcome Pack to the towering tree of life.

This is also an opportunity for the Visible team, who can let their creativity run wild through a wide range of print and digital media, as well as different formats and materials.

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CERAN’s logo speaks for itself: PUSH YOUR BOUNDARIES. At Visible, we are not afraid to push boundaries to ensure that every project is a resounding success.