Autonomous Port of Liège

Designing a more sustainable future for river transport

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The Autonomous Port of Liège is the largest river port in Belgium and the third largest in Europe.

A citizen port open to the world and a leading economic hub for the region

The opening of the Trilogiport

With the opening of the Trilogiport, a 100-hectare multi-modal platform, the Autonomous Port of Liège is showing that it is possible to consider transport in a more sustainable way on a daily basis.

Our first collaboration with the Autonomous Port of Liège was a project-presentation kit: brochures, posters, informational graphics and so forth.

A breath of fresh air when it comes to communications.

Producing graphics

The Autonomous Port of Liège selected Visible to produce all of its printed materials: posters, marketing inserts, technical sheets, roll-ups, lettering for vehicles, etc.

Educational panels, explanatory graphics and materials used to advertise events provide more information about the projects and ambitions of the Autonomous Port of Liège.

Promoting events

After a number of appointments in France, ‘The Box’, a travelling exhibition, is dropping anchor in Liège, in partnership with the Autonomous Port of Liège.

Videos on a cinema screen, posters, flyers, brochures, educational folders and more – Visible will be supporting the Autonomous Port of Liège to promote this one-of-a-kind event.

Turning 80

Much time has passed since the Autonomous Port of Liège was opened. Visible helped to celebrate this anniversary by creating a logo and disseminating a series of media throughout the city of Liège.

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