Air Ambiance

An inspiring family success story

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Air Ambiance was founded in 1995 by Jean-Luc and Martin-Paul Faway.

specialises in air conditioning, heat pumps, refrigeration and ventilation. Twenty years later, Gérald and Valentin (Jean-Luc and Martin-Paul’s children, respectively) took the reins. They belong to the generation of young entrepreneurs who take on the business world with values and ambition.

Time for a breath of fresh air?

It all began with
a recommendation

When they took the helm at Air Ambiance, Valentin and Gérald quickly felt the need to revamp the company’s identity in their own image.

Need to figure out your identity?
To mark an occasion with clients?
To foster greater synergy among your teams?

All of these questions (and probably many more) led the two new managers to call on the services of a communications firm.

A little networking and a couple of phone calls later, here we are – who could have known that this would become a long-term collaboration.

We’ve been attached at the hip ever since.

From their logo to the packaging
of their beer, it’s safe to say
that they have really been there
for all our needs…

This is where it all began

Once the brief was sent, a few shapes sketched on a squared notebook page quickly became so much more, thanks to meticulous design work.

After a few test runs, a couple of eraser marks and a few ‘ems and ahs’, the colours came together like a dream.

The result? A contemporary and dynamic logo that conveys growth and energy transition…

From print to digital: it’s only a pixel away

We imagine communication at Air Ambiance as a 360° experience.
Why limit yourself when every medium has its own advantages?

We explore and develop a wide range of media and communication channels for Air Ambiance: brochures, goodie bags, birthday presents, graphic stencils for vehicles, online banners, videos, social media, etc.

Motion design videos
and animations

Whether it’s a filmed video clip or 2D animation, things are so much more vivid when the image comes to life!

We regularly produce themed video clips for Air Ambiance, with the goal of presenting and explaining both technical and abstract concepts.

Make it beautiful!​

Air Ambiance wanted a visually appealing, practical and user-friendly website that could be easily updated using a CMS (content management system)

We took care of all that… As a bonus, we made it beautiful and colourful!

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