Wolfpack Coaching

Wolfpack Coaching

Jonathan Blond managed a consultancy firm specialising in health, safety and environmental concerns for many years, but, in 2020, he made the decision to change lanes and launch Wolfpack Coaching. His concept? Supporting and assisting those seeking balance, by bringing all of his passions – teamwork, action, leadership, the woods and wolves – together in […]

The municipal administration of Ramillies

Ramillies is a French-speaking municipality in Belgium, located in the province of Walloon Brabant. At the end of 2021, it launched a brand-new visual identity to match its fresh and innovative approach. An identity that would catch the eye of citizens looking for a rural, but dynamic, place to live and satisfy the expectations of […]

Air Ambiance

Air Ambiance was founded in 1995 by Jean-Luc and Martin-Paul Faway. Air Ambiance specialises in air conditioning, heat pumps, refrigeration and ventilation. Twenty years later, Gérald and Valentin (Jean-Luc and Martin-Paul’s children, respectively) took the reins. They belong to the generation of young entrepreneurs who take on the business world with values and ambition. Time […]


Zero Waste is an essential step, but it is also a technical and creative challenge. Through this campaign, Intradel aims to raise awareness among kids in an entertaining way that shows them what they can do. Zero mess.Zero waste.Only a good time. What would happen ifwe reduced kitchen waste? Intradel launched an extensive ‘Objective: Zero […]


CERAN is based in Belgium and France and offers language seminars and intercultural training sessions for adults, young adults and kids. Since 2011, Visible has been managing various visual and digital communication needs for this client, which is always looking outwards to the world around it. If mastering a language breaks cultural barriers, creativity opens […]

Safran Aero Boosters

SAFRAN AERO BOOSTERS produces components for aeronautical engines, as well as equipment for the aerospace industry. This company employs 1,500 people and is an industry leader. It maintains this status by collaborating with Visible on a variety of projects. Welcome aboard! Launching communications for an innovative company SAFRAN AERO BOOSTERS produces components for aeronautical engines, […]


Vinventions is a market leader on five different continents, thanks to the consistent quality of their offerings. The best friendof wine growersand wine connoisseurs. Tools to developyour business How does the profession look today? What has changed? What tools are involved? Many years ago, Vinventions asked Visible for tools to represent their brand at trade […]

Les Amis des Aveugles et malvoyants

Les Amis des Aveugles et Malvoyants is an association that supports the visually impaired and advocates for them. An association that lets itself be guided. A partnership built on emotion Training guide dogs, social support, Braille transcription and providing white canes and care: these are just some of the many ways in which it supports […]


Milioni had been producing white-label pudding sausage for mass distribution, wholesalers and butchers for 45 years. Now, though, they have conquered supermarket shelves with their branding. Belgian pudding sausage: authentic, artisanal and made by Milioni. Take advantageof established know-how Our once-anonymous artisanal producer of pudding from the bottle. Nearly 1,400 tons of their pudding is […]

John Cockerill

In 2019, CMI became John Cockerill. This represented a once-in-a-lifetime chance to rebrand this company, which employs over 5,500 workers around the world today. A clear overview of technology – today and tomorrow The annual report:a glimpse into the future John Cockerill has a vision of the world and for the world. This company looks […]